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The road to sustainability is an ever evolving challenge for any organisation. No industry is insulated from the problem of plastic pollution. To solve this, it is critical that we both eliminate harmful plastic types but also create an effective after-use plastics economy for material types that deliver economic benefits and can be sustainable if properly managed. We need commercial solutions that are collaborative, creative and scalable. At Reflow this is what we’re truly passionate about. We harness 3D printing technology to create high value applications for recycled plastics, natural fibers and bio materials that can fuel design and enterprise in your organisation.

What we do for you

Full Material Analysis

To establish if a plastic type is recyclable for 3d printing, we must first identify its precise material composition. With in house expertise, machinery and partnerships with leading scientific institutions, we perform the most in depth testing available on your plastic waste and material streams.

Recycling Consultancy

Recycling is a complex activity where many factors must be considered to choose the right approach. Are there viable, existing techniques? What are the economic costs involved? Is this scalable? We help you navigate these challenging questions to find the right solution for your specific needs.

Material Development

Once we’ve identified opportunities within your material ecosystem, we then work to create an initial batch of recycled 3D printing materials. This is the core of Reflow’s technical expertise, production and testing cycles via a process called extrusion, that occurs at our dedicated production facility in Amsterdam.

Modification & Blending

To create quality 3D printing materials, we must deliver material properties matched to your application. This may require the development of composite materials where recycled thermoplastics are combined with fibers or additives. Reflow is experienced at working to detailed briefs with other engineering, material and design teams.

Customised Production

Often clients approach us with a stream that requires classification and material development. Other times, they approach us seeking an undetermined material solution. Here, we can dip into our recycling ecosystem to identify and assemble the component parts you need with from a variety of recycled sources.

Design & Fabrication

Our goal is to help you create outstanding sustainable products. Over the years we’ve worked with the most pioneering fabricators in the industry. Most have specific offerings depending on the size, volume or complexity of the design. We connect you to the right team to make your vision a reality.

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