Reflow: Quality 3D Printer Filament that’s Ethical & Sustainable

Making 3D printing sustainable, global, and community driven.

the world recycles less than 15% of the plastic we produce

Plastic pollution is one of the most severe environmental challenges that we face today.

We have built industries that are addicted to producing ever more plastic but have failed to innovate solutions to recycle or dispose of this long lasting material effectively.

Our natural habitats are increasingly saturated, threatening all manner of wildlife and the very food we eat

Waste collector communities

While it is difficult to capture the entire figure, it’s estimated that at least 24 million people worldwide earn their livelihoods by participating in the recycling process.

These people do crucial work collecting, sorting and cleaning the waste we collectively produce. However 80% of these jobs are part of the global informal economy. This means that they are often carried out by some of the most vulnerable people in society who face life threatening working conditions, wage fluctuations, discrimination or outright exploitation

A fairer model for everyone

From our inception, Reflow has been driven to create an effective redistribution model and form partnerships with incredible organisations to support this community where we operate.

Our goal is to help create fair and steady income for collectors, supply health protecting equipment and eliminate the existence of child labour as well as supporting education programs for the families of these workers

Design that cares

As individuals, creators and consumers, it’s clear, now more than ever, that we must consider the environmental impact of our behaviour.

By giving a new life to discarded plastic or choosing biodegradable materials, we can help achieve this goal while actively enabling creativity and design to flourish.