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December Newsletter

Hi everyone!

We’ve got some great developments to share with you from the past few weeks. As we fly towards the end of the year, we’d like to tell you what we’ve been up to and where Reflow is headed in 2018.

Moving to the New Reflow HQ

We’ve been growing over the last while and we’re excited to announce that we’ve just moved to a new office and workshop in Amsterdam this week. We’ve loved our time at A-Lab but it’s time for our own dedicated space to house Reflow.

We’ll be shutting down operations as we move all our equipment to the new site so we can build up capacity and get our sustainable 3D materials out the door, into the hands of more makers and creators in 2018.

We’ve also got some help from our good friends over at cutwork studio who create elegant, flexible furniture designs and have accompanied us on our journey as we’ve progressed through Climate Kic, the EU’s Climate Innovation Initiative.

Bringing Sustainable 3D Printing to Life

Plastic pollution is a severe problem facing our environments and societies today. In order to inspire real change however, we need to shift the way people think about plastic and sustainability. We’ve learnt that audiences often know very little about the actual processes involved in recycling. The wider public also doesn’t yet understand the potential of 3d printing to create and recreate objects of simple or complex beauty.

In order to tackle these two challenges, we have been shooting what we refer to as a “Microcosm Video”. The idea is to showcase the process of recycling plastic to 3D printing materials in a visual and powerful manner.

Our goal is to introduce a wider audience to the mechanical processes that enable the rebirth of material from trash to objects of genuine value. Stay tuned to see the result!

1st Dutch Social Innovation Mission to San Francisco

In October, we had the privilege of representing the Netherlands on their premier social entrepreneurship mission to Silicon Valley. Our comically Irish co-founder, Ronan accompanied social entrepreneurs and innovators from Enviu, Tony Chocolonely, Moyee Coffee, Social Impact Ventures, The Dutch Weed Burger and many more.

It was an intense week of presenting the Dutch social ecosystem, learning from some of the best socially conscious entrepreneurs in the valley and having some serious laughs. Highlights included pitching at SOCAP 2017, meeting the founders of innovative social enterprises like Sungevity and as well as laying the foundations for relationships that will hopefully last for a long time back here in the Netherlands.

Hello Tomorrow

Founders Lyndsey and Ronan then continued to Paris to showcase at the spectacular Hello Tomorrow conference, an event that pulls together leading start-ups in a whole host of areas from New Materials to Artificial Intelligence and connects them to the leading thinkers and established leaders in these fields.

It was an amazing gathering of science, innovation and entrepreneurship where we caught a glimpse of what’s around the corner, lined up some potential collaborations as well as grabbing a nice photo opportunity in the French press. Ho la Vache!

Get in Touch

On our travels we’ve learnt just how universal the need for plastic recycling is, from conferences to train stations, businesses and municipalities. We’ve also learnt just how much people want to recreate something meaningful from discarded plastic material.

If you are interested in this transformation, whether it’s a large project or something you are curious about, don’t hesitate to get in touch at

We’re always keen to help creatively solve this problem wherever we find it!