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Our flagship R-PETG is sourced from leading local recyclers. It’s durable and easy to use, with exceptional visual and mechanical performance.

Recycled with care

We tackle plastic pollution while you create beautiful work with no compromise on quality

Tested by the best

Our recycled materials have been put to the strictest of performance tests and pass with flying colours

Optimal performance

We go the extra mile to make our materials universally compatible and offer you the support you need

rPETG. The strong, silent type.

PETG is a Glycol Modified version of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). It has the best of both worlds, combining the functionality of ABS and the easy printing of PLA in one material. It’s also a highly common plastic in recycling ecosystems globally, so we can consistently source great quality streams.

Great strength and impact resistance

High temperature tolerance

Excellent visual qualities

Source Traceability

PETG is an established plastic type, frequently used in the production of beverage, food and liquid containers. We source our rPETG from a highly consistent stream of high quality medical waste, working with one of the most established recyclers in the EU.

The Pastel Collection

Brighten up your creations with our sustainable Pastel Collection, Aqua, Mint, Coral and Honey. This set of vibrant colours complement each other beautifully and sit well with their more traditional family members, Jet Black and Snow White. Perfect for turning your designs into a range of well balanced, eye catching products.

rPETG Technical Data Sheet and source traceability

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