We’ve been really lucky to work with some great partners that are launching Reflow forward. Below are the biggest ones.


techfortrade is the leading UK charity specifically focused on bridging the divide between emerging technology and international trade and economic development. They work with local entrepreneurs to test innovative approaches for building sustainable and replicable businesses that use the power of technology to facilitate trade and alleviate poverty. techfortrade has been working on 3Dprinting for development since the 3D4D challenge in 2012 and has pioneered local filament production in Mexico, Kenya and Tanzania. In 2014 they published 3D printing for development in the Global South and are considered one of the leading voices in realizing the potential of 3D printing in developing countries.


AB3D (African Born 3D Printing) is a social enterprise that produces 3D printers from recycled waste materials in Nairobi, Kenya. Through this, they create affordable and sustainable access to 3D printing by lowering the entry level barrier and supporting the ecosystem using local resources and infrastructure.


SticLab is a technology innovation centre that provides a futuristic technology development environment for scientists, makers and innovators. Within Sticlab there is an incredibly gifted group of engineers who have created products from scratch, ranging from 3D printers, to CNC milling machines to hair breading machines.


Enviu aims to make the global economy inclusive and serve people and planet. They drive this change by initiating mass collaboration and impact driven entrepreneurship. The startups they kickstart deliver products and services that improve the quality of life for large groups of marginalised people, ranging from healthy meals in urban slums to pension plans for the poor.

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