Core Values

Our Core Values


We know this technology is going to transform our societies and lives. We want to harness this innovation to create a better and more equal world. We want to ensure the revolution is shared.


3D Printing is a multifaceted tool that will enable all types of people to realize their creativity and vision. As this category grows we want to ensure its foundations are sustainable and ethical.


We want to help the nearly 40 million people worldwide living on less than $1.50 a day as waste collectors. We created a high value alternative than can increase earning potential by 20x.


We know how important it is to be accountable when people invest trust in you. We are 100% open about how our filament is sourced, who we work with and what we do with the return.

Quality Driven

We have built a high quality sustainable 3D print filament that is as innovative as it is ethical. Consumers will not have to compromise on quality to make the right choice.


This is central to our brand DNA. We are an open source community that is driven to create new opportunities for people all around the world.

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