Updated with new initiatives on April 10th

All of you, just like us here at Reflow, have experienced massive disruption to your everyday life. Many in our community and team, like many communities around the world, are now self - isolating while crises response measures are in full swing.  Our support, gratitude and hearts go out to those in the healthcare and frontline system.

We can empathise with a feeling of uncertainty or helplessness at the moment, but we are here to show you that there are really valuable ways that you can help. These Initiatives are restoring our faith in human ingenuity, especially in the 3D printing arena. Whether you have access to a printer farm, possess some engineering skills or just have some spare spools and spare time, here are all the ways you can help.

ULTIMAKER Base: EuropeReach: GlobalMission: Connect healthcare professionals with printing hubs to provide access to life saving 3D printed equipment.

Ultimaker is offering to help doctors and other professionals in medical institutions. They recognised their strong position to connect their network to healthcare professionals who need live saving equipment, and are doing so by: + Connecting medical institutions and hospitals to printing hubs in the Ultimaker customer network to have them help in printing parts based on available designs + Providing assistance in designing parts that are running out and/or that are in danger of becoming scarce. There are many similar initiatives like Ultimaker but the community around this one is particularly special, intimate and driven to do good.

BATCHWORKS Base: EuropeReach: EuropeMission: To locally produce 11,000+ face shields to protect Covid-19 front line workers in the UK

Batch.works are an outstanding design team and 3D printing minifactory, operating in London. They were one of the first to launch a gofundme with Cellule Studio to design and produce thousands of protective face shields for NHS frontline healthcare workers in the UK. They are significantly ramping up their production to meet these shortages and we’re proud to be supplying the recycled 3D printing materials for the operation. Support the gofundme page here.

Masks For Docs Base: USAReach: GlobalMission: Provide doctors in the USA with easy access to 3d printed facemasks by forming a network of suppliers with individual printers.

Masks for Doctors is a USA led initiatives to provide 3D printed face masks to healthcare workers. Hospitals around the world face unprecedented volumes of patients due to the massive pandemic and protective supplies, like masks, are critical for the safety of healthcare professionals and every other patient in the same hospital. Masks for Doctors aim to be the link between doctors and businesses and individuals who can offer resources. Reach out in order to see if you may be able to help.

CECIMO Base: EuropeReach: GlobalMission: Assist additive manufacturing industry with producing tools and PPE for the fight against Covid-19 throughout European hospitals

As the European association for Additive Manufacturing, they have been requested by the European Commission to address its membership and query if it would be able to aid in producing equipment that hospitals are lacking due to the COVID19 outbreak in Europe. The EC will facilitate all companies helping in this time, protecting them from potential legal issues. They have an easy to fill in form on the website and are the most wide-reaching initiative that 3D printing companies could be involved in. In saying that, any individual effort is highly valued.

Crowd Sourcing Initiatives Base: N/AReach: GlobalMission: Create a network of makers on a global scale to offer support to those that need it.

A public Google sheet was set up to gather makers from around the world, it is simple and easy way to find or offer support to those that need it. The sheet asks practical questions like skills, resources, experience and location so that you can easily find what you are looking for. Particularly beneficial to the individual.

Budmen Industries Base: USAReach: GlobalMission: Produce 3D printed face shields for healthcare workers and encourage global community to reach out and help

One initiative close to the Reflow team, is by our friends at Budmen industries, based in New York State. Budmen Industries are looking to produce 3D printed PPE to support healthcare workers. Working with both healthcare organisations in need of face shields and businesses/individuals working to produce 3D printed face shields. That’s not all though, they are also encouraging everybody (globally) to reach out and see what they can offer.

Prusa Print Base: Czech RepublicReach: GlobalMission: Provide easy access code for individuals to print their facemasks and send them to hospitals in need.

Prusa Print have been making some noise about their face shields in Europe. They provide the code for 3D printing and encourage you to donate to hospitals. There is a limitation to these designs as they have yet to be approved by governing bodies.

CoVent-19 Challenge Base: USAReach: GlobalMission: A design competition looking for a rapidly deployable and locally buildable ventilation system to assist in the Covid-19 effort.

If design is your thing, there is also a competition looking for a rapidly deployable ventilation solution. It comes out of Massachusetts General Hospital, who are looking to close the gap between those in need and our actual resources in settings around the world. The competition is completely virtual and promotes innovate to ventilate.

Formlabs Base: N/AReach: GlobalMission: Connect those who can give with those who need within their community

Another crowdsourcing effort was ignited by Formlabs. They have been reaching out to their community to connect those in need with those who can give. They encourage anyone working on COVID-19 related projects and need access to 3D printed parts, or if they have access to 3D printers and are willing to volunteer time and equipment. Formlabs will connect relevant parties to each other and support the projects where it can.

These initiatives demonstrate that the 3D printing industry can speak with one voice and offer a positive contribution by harnessing the true power of this remarkable tool. At Reflow we are working with Fablab, a global team of makers labs to provide 3D printing material for 3D printed face shields. The things we need now are speed, innovation, on-demand manufacturing, the right call to action and some light entertainment. Stay posted on our socials to see some of Reflows favourites. We will be updating this space regularly as these initiatives change or evolve as well as adding new relevant ones as they come to our attention. Please get in touch if you come across any other initiatives that we can add to this list. Until then, thank you for your continued support. Stay safe, healthy, active and sane.


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