Reflow has recently had the rather unique pleasure of co-creating an entire 3D printed flagship store on Regent Street in London. The project was conceived and brought to life by Bottletop, a luxury fashion brand focused on sustainable manufacturing, ethical design, technical innovation and cross-cultural collaboration.

We are providing the material for this innovative project and get to work with the paradigm shifting design team AI-Build, who are using a variety of industrial-sized 3D-printing robotic arms from the robotics manufacturer Kuka.  This is an ongoing project that will, by the time its finished, have used the equivalent of 60,000 plastic water bottles to print walls, roof and furniture within the location.

We’re honoured to be involved and are fully aware of what an amazing opportunity it is to highlight both sustainability, but also the incredible potential of 3D printing to a broader audience. We’re also chuffed to be featured in some rather interesting publications, some of whom you’d not necessarily associate with 3D printing.

Strike a pose!

The innovative nature of this collaboration also hasn't gone unnoticed in the press. Here a few of our favourite takes on the project:

With its first flagship store, the aim is to re-imagine the future of ecologically responsible construction through zero waste design.

A customised Kuka robot arm demonstrates the 3D printing process at the front of the store – attracting a lot of attention on the busy shopping street.

Educating consumers about the role 3D printing is having on sustainable manufacturing is one of the most important objectives for increasing demand and adoption of the technology.


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