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Our rPETG filament is sourced from leading local recyclers and has been used to print thousands of face shields by PPE initiatives all over Europe. It’s durable and easy to use with exceptional visual and mechanical performance.

Recycled with care

We tackle plastic pollution while you create lifesaving PPE with no compromise on quality.

Tested by the best

Our recycled materials have been put to the strictest of performance tests and passed with flying colours.

Optimised for PPE

We’ve worked closely with makers to identify the optimal settings to batch produce face shields. We’re here to offer you the support you need to get up and running.

Answering the call

Over the past 72 days, we’ve been blown away by the maker response to COVID-19. Within days, individuals and businesses focused their efforts and productive means to protect the frontline health workers keeping our families and communities safe.

We’re proud to support multiple PPE manufacturing initiatives supplying to European health services with discounted sustainable materials, production support and speedy delivery. Our users have optimised their processes around our rPETG material and selected specific colours for distinct PPE settings from health to education.

Now that the urgent shortage of PPE in healthcare has been somewhat tackled, together we must also look to other areas of society that need protection to ensure the safety of essential and returning workers, public sites and communities that are “opening up”.

For all makers who are continuing to answer the call, we’d like to provide you with a 30% discount on the cost of these materials and whatever support you need to make your PPE manufacturing operations as efficient and sustainable as possible.

This is an inspiring blueprint for decentralised, socially driven supply chains.

Great strength and durability

High temperature and chemical resistance

Excellent visual qualities

rPETG. The strong, silent type.

PETG is a Glycol Modified version of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). It has the best of both worlds, combining the functionality of ABS and the easy printing of PLA in one material. PETG outperforms PLA in both physical strength, chemical and temperature resistance which slows the wear and tear of printed face shields, enabling them to be sterilised and reused for longer durations. PETG is also a highly common plastic in recycling ecosystems globally, so we can consistently source great quality streams.

Source Traceability

PETG is an established plastic type, frequently used in the production of beverage, food and liquid containers. We source our rPETG from a highly consistent stream of high-quality medical tray production waste in North Holland, working with one of the most established recyclers in the EU. By printing with these materials, you are building sustainability into your PPE production process and avoiding the use of virgin plastic materials. Where possible we’d like to help build an after-use collection system into your model so that 3D printed PPE can be a fully recyclable protective solution. Please fill out the Post Purchase Survey in order to explore this further.

The Makers Behind The Magic

As a material provider, our goal is to support the creativity, passion and ingenuity of our users and collaborators. Check out some of the incredible work that’s been done by our friends and partnering initiatives below.

Try our quick start guide to help get the best results

These settings are a good steer for printing with this material across a variety of devices. However, optimum settings may vary between printers. Get in touch with us directly if you need any help in troubleshooting.

Nozzle Temperature

245ºC ±10ºC

Bed Temperature

75ºC ±5ºC

Print Speed

30 – 50 mm/s

Fan Speed

30 – 100%

Retraction Speed

35-45 mm/s

Retraction Distance

10 mm

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