The spread of Covid-19 represents a real challenge for all of us and we're taking every effort to understand and manage the evolving situation. In times like these, we need to look out for one another and remain positive. Keeping the Reflow team safe and doing our part to stop the spread of the virus is our number one priority. As a company, we’ve been observing the unfolding situation and have considered our best course of action to minimise any risk.

What We Have done

Since Friday the 13th of March, all team members that are not directly involved in filament manufacturing are working remotely. We’ve avoided person to person contact by moving all meetings and conferences online. For those that must be in our production workshop we have a two-team rotating roster, ensuring they are operating independent of each other. We’ve also introduced a host of disinfection procedures to guarantee that all orders and delivery continue without risk of contamination or transmissibility. They include: + Team members are following the World Health Organisation recommended hand washing steps. + All packages received and shipped are extensively wiped with alcohol-based disinfectant. + Latex gloves & face masks are worn while packing product.

We understand these are not ‘business as usual’ circumstances but don’t worry, our online store will remain open. This way you can get all the materials you need to keep creating. We predict to see slightly longer lead times on deliveries, but you can always get in touch with us directly at

How Is 3D Printing Helping?

3D printing is already proving itself to be a valuable tool in the fight against Covid-19. Rapid design prototyping and networks of printer farms are working to support healthcare workers to access cost effective resources during desperate times.

Hospitals in Italy are being aided by 3D printing start up, Isinnova who have printed valves for patients suffering from the respiratory virus. Another Belgian company Materialise, has created a 3D printed hands free door opener to eliminate direct contact with the door handle. Manufacturers are now turning to 3D printing to address potential supply chain problems.

At Reflow, we will be contributing in whatever way we can and seeking out viable collaborations to such support efforts. Stay tuned on our social channels for more information about how you may help.

Rapid design prototyping and networks of printer farms are working to support healthcare workers to access cost effective resources during desperate times.

What You Can Do

Times like this underline the importance of community and accurate information. We encourage everyone to source their updates from the World Health Organisation. These simple steps can help keep your loved ones safe and healthy.

The practical measures we can all take to reduce the spread of the virus amongst our community involve social distancing. In practice, this means eliminating close contact with those you do not live with (official recommendations suggest 1 metre as sufficient in open spaces), avoiding public spaces, congested venues with groups of people and surfaces that may be contaminated.

The idea is to slow the spread of the virus or “flatten the curve”, reducing the risk that our healthcare systems will be overwhelmed. These simulations show how social distancing can influence the reach of the virus. As you watch the stimuli spread across your screen remember that “a single person’s behaviour can cause ripple effects that touch faraway people.”

Give Me Something Positive

It's not all gloomy though. At Reflow, we're inspired by some of the feel-good stories springing from darkness. We've seen how people are bonding together to stay upbeat in quarantine and we've witnessed fascinating, unexpected environmental impact from the global preventative measures. There's been a profound reduction of air pollution in Hubei, China and in Venice, the normally cloudy canals have transformed into crystal clear waterways with fish visibly swimming below.

We will continue to bring you positive energy and important information through our channels during these hectic times, sharing content to inspire and keep your creativity in-tact, wherever you may be. Perhaps you'd like to try out your singing skills with this virtual choir? Or maybe you just need some light-hearted yet practical advice on getting through this quarantine, check out team favourite Excellent Ideas Only.

Let’s Push Through

At Reflow we will continue to focus on the work we do that creates real, long-lasting value. That way we can limit the negative impact that this virus can have on our societies and economies. These are trying times for all, and we thank you for your continued support. Please know that we are here for you on our socials, email and our website trying to brighten your day any way that we can. Please take care of yourself and those around you.