we transform plastic waste into building blocks for sustainable design

At Reflow, we’ve pioneered an approach to recycle discarded plastic into a range of exceptional, sustainable materials for 3D printing. We‘ve established a collaborative network of recyclers, makers and designers to tackle plastic pollution, support local communities and co-create meaningful design

3D printing materials

Go green, prints like a dream

3D Printing translates your creative ideas into physical reality. We provide a growing range of recycled materials, proven to deliver an optimal printing performance for your designs while tackling plastic pollution.


Recycling is tough, let's work together

How do you manage your waste streams in a way that’s future proofed and benefits your business? At Reflow we identify solutions to turn your plastic waste into design and manufacturing opportunities that will powerfully connect with your audience

social impact

Show Mother Earth some love

Only 5% of all plastic produced annually is recycled. By 2050 it is projected that there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. We're driven to tackle the plastic problem and support some of the poorest communities worldwide who carry out essential recycling work

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