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Reflow rPACF is a 3D printing material recipe where cutting edge material science and rigorous material recycling converge to create a high performance engineering solution for a greener future.

98% recycled material

Fishing gear makes up 20% of all marine plastic pollution. By taking nets at end of live, we prevent the creation of ghost nets that obliterate habitats.

Tested by the best

We’ve tested the mechanical and impact strength of our material and it matches many of the best virgin PACF materials on the market.

Optimal performance

Fibre reinforcement boosts strength and eliminates warping for outstanding resilient large volume designs.

rPACF – Indestructible Engineering Grade Materials for Sustainable Designers

Our material blend consists of nylon recovered from nature and fibres reclaimed from industry. It’s a high performance substitute with outstanding print quality that’s tough as nails, perfect for high value applications for engineers and product designers alike.

Engineering Grade

Lightweight Strength

High Temperature Resistance

Source Traceability

Reflow’s rPACF composite material consists of a recycled nylon (PA6) polymer reinforced with chopped technical fibres that are post industrial recycled (PIR). This groundbreaking material constitutes a high-performance, recycled nylon, carbon fibre blend that is 98% recycled. Our nylon base is recycled from both post industrial sources (fishing nets) and post consumer sources (carpets and couches) at end of life and has been certified by independent third parties. Our recycled technical carbon fibres are reclaimed from production leftovers and end cones typically bound for aerospace manufacturing. All of the recipe inputs are sourced from collectors and recyclers within the EU. Our recycled composite materials can substitute their virgin counterparts without loss in performance, while providing a large reduction in GHG emissions and tackling plastic pollution.

rPACF Technical Data Sheet

Try our quick start guide to help get the best results

These settings are a good steer for printing with this material across a variety of devices. However, optimum settings may vary between printers. Get in touch with us directly if you need any help in troubleshooting.


Nozzle Temperature

285ºC ±10ºC

Bed Temperature

85ºC ±15ºC

Print Speed

up to 90 mm/s

Fan Speed


Retraction Speed

35 - 45 mm/s

Retraction Distance

10 mm

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