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Our rPLA is a bioderived material originally produced from corn starch but recycled again from food packaging waste sourced in the Benelux region. It’s easy to print with, durable with excellent print quality.

98%-100% Recycled

Our natural PLA is 100% recycled material, while black and white filaments contain 2% or less colouring masterbatch

Tested by the best

This material has been tested by an experienced group of 3D printing designers, innovators and resellers and passed with flying colours.

Optimal performance

Reflow rPLA exhibits excellent adhesion to printing bed, ease of printing and superior layer adhesion.

rPLA. Bioderived, Easy to Print with Impeccable Surface Finish

PLA or Polylactic acid is a bioderived plastic and the leading filament choice for creators. Our materials original source is cornstarch. While PLA can be broken down at the end of life, it does not naturally decompose at speed without industrial composting assistance. That way, by taking PLA food packaging and creating rPLA filament, we’re extending it’s life by another cycle. Our rPLA filament prints with accuracy and consistency on all setups, exhibiting flawless surface finish and print quality to produce highly visual and durable finished products.

Ease of Printing

Great Layer Adhesion

Superb Surface Finish

Source Traceability

PLA is a highly versatile biopolymer that is economically efficient to synthesise and possesses biodegradable capabilities under the right conditions. It has a range of common applications from cardiovascular implants or PPE in healthcare as well as uses like plastic films, bottles and straws in packaging. Our rPLA is sourced from a consistent stream of food packaging waste, collected and pelletised by a leading recycler in the Benelux region.

rPLA Technical Data Sheet and source traceability

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